4 Seasons

4 Seasons¬†was a one time event on 10 March 2007 in Seattle, Washington. It was Dale’s second original production. He increased the depth and complexity of the show by adding a team to film original footage of the dancers and of thematic scenes. During the event, edited footage was shown outside on the building, inside adding to the decor, and finally was projected on stage during one of the dance performances. The latter was synchroniized to the original choreography; the dancers were dancing with themselves on film.

Like the first show, Tokyo 2025, this new production included original choreography, costuming, interactive art, and extensive decor which transformed the venue into a space of the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter). While the event progressed, the music, lighting, and dance all changed to be aligned with a particular season.

Video of “Winter” (third of the four original dances)


4 Seasons

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