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Microsoft Kinect v2 extension for Cycling ’74 Max


dp.kinect2 is a plugin, an external extension, for the Cycling ’74 Max development environment to use your Microsoft Kinect v2 sensor (XBox One) on your Windows PC.

  • Color image, depth, and IR sensor output in many pixel formats
  • User identification, location, and occlusion
  • Skeleton joint tracking with orientations
  • Body properties, hand tracking, lean, body restriction
  • Point clouds, accelerometer, and gravity
  • Sound location and strength; speech recognition
  • Face tracking with pose, rotation, translation, bounding boxes, key 2D and 3D points, smiling, eye engagement, eye open/closed, mouth open/closed, skin/hair color; face 3D modeling with animation/shape units
  • Data alignment, filtering, smoothing, rotation to gravity
  • jit.anim.node can be connected to automatically recalculate all Kinect data for a VR world, compensate for your Kinect’s location, or to coordinate and combine multiple Kinect sensors
  • Output data in native Max messages or OSC; compatible with the output of dp.kinect and jit.openni to aid in migration
  • Help file with examples and links to online tutorials and documentation
  • Support for collections, packages, and executables
  • Tested with Max 8, 7, and 6 on Windows
  • Based on official Microsoft Kinect v2 drivers for reliability and support

Cost of License

This dp.kinect2 download includes a 14 day trial registration to use for evaluation. After this trial period, you may purchase a license here in this store. Please refer to the full terms and conditions.

One license = one computer. You must buy a license for each computer.
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Download, Setup, Tutorials, Documentation

Download: dp.kinect2-v1.2.20210521
Optional face tracking models: dp.kinect2-face-models

Setup guide, tutorials, and documentation at docs.hidale.com.


There are several support resources available to you.

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