Tart Yellow Kisses

Tart Yellow Kisses is an interactive video installation which was presented as part of the group show YOLK on 23 April 2011 in Berlin, Germany. It is the first in a series of installations I will create which explore the notion of identity.

The installation allows participants to approach a wall on which a large video image of yellow scenes (e.g. field of yellow flowers) is being displayed. A Microsoft Kinect sensor detects the participant and renders a collage representing themselves within that video on the wall. The collage and all its limbs move as the person moves. Unlike a mirror, they do not see themselves–their internal self-image. Instead, they see a yellow color-biased…silly collage. More than one person can participate simultaneously.

The installation proved to be wildly popular and often people would do things that I could have never imagined they would do. Additionally, I believe that their behaviors were not bound by their normal self-imposed rules. Within their own minds, they gave themselves permission to act more radically since it wasn’t them (it was the collage).



Tart Yellow Kisses

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